Kinds of divorces


a) “Consensus”.

The spouses agree to be divorced by consensus and all the marriage matters are solved, agreed and signed in an agreement before our Law Team. Then the Court affirms this agreement.

b) Divorce due to two years divergence

The spouses are living their lives separately for at least two or more years. In that case each one has the right to apply for a divorce in the Court. In that case Court does not examine who is responsible for breaking the stability of the marriage. For the judgment it is examined, if the time of two years has passed. Both spouses has the right to apply for the division of marital assets. Our Law Firm will advise our clients and demand the best for them.

c) Divorce due to dispute.

Without regarding the time the couple is in divergence, one can procced with nullity applying for divorce and for solving all the marriage issues by the Court. If this is the case we are the experts for achieving your goals. Be aware that you don’t want us against you.

Property Division

Property is classified as marital or non-marital and then marital assets are divided.  Key  factors that are involved in determining how marital assets are to be divided including:  the contribution each spouse made to the marriage, the duration of the marriage, the economic situation of each spouse and the desire to maintain stability for the marriage and family.  Our Law Firm advice you and fights for you, on achieving all your needs and most of your wants.

We are always negotiate hard, before we solve our clients’ marriage issues on the Court.

Child Custody and Visitation

In Case of Consensus Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation is solved by our Law Team. In other kind of Divorce action Court is determining the child custody and visitation arrangement.  The court will look to the best interests of the child in making such a determination.  Our Law Firm believes that Children come first. Nothing is more important than preserving the relationship between parent and child. Therefore we work with our clients to find the best solution for the whole family.

Child Support

One of the most difficult issues of a divorce action is the child support. Calculated based on the child “needs” and the income of the parties and their expenses.  This calculation can be difficult.  Our Law Team will work with you to ensure the most important thing. That the needs of the child are being met.


May be awarded if one spouse lacks sufficient property and income to meet his/her reasonable needs.  Many factors go into a maintenance determination including duration of the marriage, age of the parties, the standard of living established during the marriage, and the time needed for a spouse to get the skills necessary to find employment.

After Divorce

Our Law team advise with our clients after the divorce process to help them with their new life.  Whether you need employment, a financial plan, a modified Will, or information about Investments, our Law Team ensures you will move forward.

Prenuptial Agreements

Even the Greek Law provides for this option, most of Greek couples are denying this procedure. However, many of the above determinations can be handled in advance or during the marriage with a document called a Prenuptial Agreement.  Such an agreement allows individuals to clearly define how property will be handled, in particular situations, such as a divorce. Our Law Team will draft for you the document to ensure enforceability. Then the document will be notarized and registered to the special state book and  in case of divorce will bw submitted to the competent Court.